Active friends of nature

Water walking, cycling and hiking

Relaxation and fun in nature is in all walks all in the first place. The times given are generous, always allow time for picnics and nature observation.

Here are a few suggestions for hiking and cycling in the environment of the Müritz National Park.

Boating on the "Alte Fahrt" into water lilies paradise

Bolter Kanal - Caarpsee - Woterfitz - Leppinsee - Kotzower Lake - Lilie Paradise Granzow Lake - Lake Mirow with Castle Mirow

Observations: kingfisher, herons, eagles, swans, grebes, water lilies,

Length: about 12 km, Duration: 4-6 hours 

Start at the holiday village "Alte Fahrt" , at "MüritzKanu" you can hire canoe, kayak or canoes

Tip: Seek advice when choosing the type of boat, "MüritzKanu" team will give advice 

Rest areas on the way (from Leppinsee) are in idyllic bays or on the canoe station Zietlitz on the eastern shore of the Leppinsees (beach and snack) for approximately 4 km and Granzow Granzow lake is 9 km away, at the Bistro "Entenhausen" (beach and snack).

Important: take plenty of drinks, sunscreen and hiking map.

Cycling tour in the Müritz National Park

Range: Bolter Kanal - Schwarzenhof - Speck - Käflingsbergturm - Fauler Ort - Boek - Bolter Kanal,

Length: 25 km, duration about 4 hours

  • Start at the holiday village Müritzufer
  • behind the campsite Bolter shore runs the road about 150 meters towards the Müritz, Raptor-way parallel to the shore to the campsite Boek, then left the Müritz way 
  • Two Towers on the Specker-Horst-way up Schwarzenhof
  • In Schwarzenhof approximately 12 km Refreshments
  • From Schwarzenhof to Speck (3.5 km) way "M", National Park Information and snack
  • about 1 km behind bacon climb to Käflingsberg with tower (36m)
  • Next the way "M" up to the branch Fauler Ort. About Fauler Ort with view point further to the Boek or the way "M" until after Boek
  • In Boek visiting the Gutshaus with Zinn Figurenmuseum, National Park Information

Hiking the Müritz National Park

Bolter Kanal - Lookout "Doppelkiefergraben" -  Boek - Bolter Kanal

Observations: swans, osprey (Boeker transmitter meadow)

Length: 12 km, duration about 4 hours

  • Start at the Gasthaus "Zum Seeadler"
  • On the shores of Lake Müritz past the "Surfmühle"
  • Follow the trail about 150 m inland, parallel to the shore (Greifvogel Weg)
  • Cross the camping Boek, then left. (Pilz Weg)
  • Lookout on the "Doppelkiefergraben" (picnic)
  • Follow the Pilzweg to the Boeker Senderwiesen (eagles nest on power pole)
  • In Boek visit to the "Kutschercafé"
  • Back on street follow the bike path along the road from Boek to the Müritzparadies

Dear Guests

Dear Guests

We have for you an interesting hiking, jogging and nordic walking path marked *.
Set out along the green signs and arrows in nature on a 4 km long circuit.
Start and end: for example, begin at the restaurant "Zum Seeadler", or just hop on the way into the circuit.
Lots of fun!

* You are using a public road. We accept no liability!


After an active day of the visit worthwhile in our sauna