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Our holiday village is surrounded by the scenic diversity of the lake district - an ideal base for exploring the Müritz National Park.

Nature and recreation are with us almost inseparable, because on every hiking or cycling tour takes you the precious beauty of the National Park in a flash from everyday life.
Water hikes start right outside your front door and through the lush green avenue of bolter channel directly to the lakeMüritz and further into Germany's most beautiful water hiking area.

Shopping, dining, beauty and wellness ... In Müritzparadies youwillexperiencerelaxed holiday with all comforts.

Out into nature

Graceful cranes, majestic sea eagles and ospreys, delicate orchids, mysterious moors:
The precious diversity in the Müritz National Park puts you into astonishing every season! Experience the powerful awakening of nature in spring and the sublime beauty of summer flowers. In autumn you will be fascinated by the crane migration and rutting of the deers.
Discover the pristine landscape on tours by canoe, bicycle or by foot. The frozen wintery landscape can be enjoyed while taking long walks.

To come in out of the cold!

To come in out of the cold!

Shake off the drizzly weather and enjoy our aroma sauna.
Of course, in two holiday villages!

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Out in Nature

Discover the unspoiled nature by canoe, bike or on foot. Winter is a great time for long walks.