Events around the lake Müritz

Katamaran- & Surfmühle

The Surfmühle attracts with a varied program of free introductory surfing, Easter egg hunt on the water, evening sailing and a banana ride.

Events of the Surfmühle

Fischerhof Bolter Schleuse / Müritzfischer

In the spring of 2007, the Fischerrotunde was opened to the Boeker fish ponds and has now developed into a visitor attraction in the southern region Müritz. The Fischerrotunde at the Bolter Schleuse is known for her moody festivals, such as the summer solstice in June or Schauabfischen in autumn, far beyond the Müritz region and beyond.

Müritzfischer at the Bolter Schleuse

The Barn (Die Scheune) in Bollewick

The barn in Bollewick, built in 1881 by Baron Long man to Erlenkamp and Spitzkuhn today is place for cultural events, markets and exhibitions. On three floors surrounded by workshops and stores with a special flair for strolling, amazement.

The barn is open daily from 10 - 18 o clock

The Barn

Events at the Barn in Bollewick

Agroneum Alt Schwerin

Between the area of the Mecklenburger Seenplatte (lake district) and the romantic scenery of the Nossentin-Schwinzer heathland lies the village of Alt Schwerin.

The well-preserved knightly properties provide an ideal location for the AGRONEUM. Mansion and park, farm buildings, avenues and houses of farm workers are in good condition.

A relic of this development is the central exhibition which displays 5.000 years of agricultural history of Mecklenburg. It was organised with great effort in 1988 and kept as testimony to GDR history. This "self-expression" provides a "museum within the museum" to the visitor.

The AGRONEUM Alt Schwerin is a special open-air museum: it was not built on greenfield, but it developed amidst authentic historical substance. The visitor will find an extensive collection of technology, everyday objects, a wilhelminian village school and farmer habitations from the years 1910, 1942 and the 1960s.

The AGRONEUM provides a range of thematic activities and events, such as Easter sundries for young and old, court festivals, International steam engine meetings, classic car and tractor meetings, harvest festivals, pumpkin festivals, slaughter festival and flea markets.

Agroneum Alte Schwerin

Müritzeum in Waren/Müritz

The Müritzeum is a modern multimedia-based nature discovery centre. It presents the region around the Müritz - fascinating, entertaining and informative, simple and understandable - for young and old likewise perfectly suitable. Here you can have fun, relax, experiment, learn, dream, experience homeland as well as being amazed about past, present and future whatever the weather is like.

In the "House of 1000 lakes" everything centres to the biggest lake Germanys. Its their pleasure to introduce you to your majesty the Müritz as well as to the 999 sparkly members of her royal household. There you can have a look discreet under the water line and look into the empire of the fishes. To explore the Müritz National Park from a birds eye view, come across a 1000 years old tree giant, take the ice age under slow motion and snatch the one or the other secret away from the moor.

The Müritzeum is also a Welcome Centre for the Mecklenburg Lakes. Here visitors can find a lot of interesting information about the heart of Mecklenburg-Western Pomeranian as well as always up-to-date offers for leisure time and holiday stays. This is important for the first outline and unforgettable holidays.

The Müritzeum organizes various events for young and old throughout the year. Whether divers use in deep pools, bat night or shows, there is something for everyone.

Events at the Müritzeum

Heinrich Schliemann Museum

The Heinrich-Schliemann-Museum in Ankershagen was set up in 1980 in the former home of the famous archaeologist, a presbytery from the 18th century. Concerns of the Heinrich-Schliemann-Museum is, withits exhibitions, lectures and publicationsprovide comprehensive information about the life and work of Mecklenburger to honor his lasting achievements as excavatorof Troyandre-discovererof the Mycenaean civilizationand preservehis legacy.


Karls Erlebnishof

Great destination for families with children Karls strawberry yard (Erdbeerhof) is one of the most popular attractions in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Numerous attractions on the Experimence from children's farm with a petting zoo, carousel, the giant indoor playground and not least the free admission make the amusement park to the successful adventure land.

Karls Erlebnishof

Der Müritzer

Der Müritzer

A very comprehensive events calendar for the Müritz region.

Der Müritzer